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About Us

Carbon Source was founded by a team of experts and researchers who want to mold the future into 3D printing filament products, helping drive a growing circular-economy and a build a green sustainable future.


We're also dedicated to helping grow future leaders by contributing a portion of your purchases from Carbon Source to help fund Recycled Plastic project grants awarded to clubs and schools each quarter.


Carbon Source = Plastic Recycling

What if we could use plastic without destroying the planet?
We would turn the future recyclable. 

The recycling of waste materials has been a problem that has plagued the environmental industry for a long time. Segmented waste streams are increasingly difficult to manage sustainably, and recycling has proven to be a limited solution to address this issue. Our technology allows us to work directly with the disassembly and design processes from the beginning. In this way, we offer a comprehensive strategy that will enable us to work smarter, not harder. Waste will once again become a resource.

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